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We Represent Truckers Injured by Load Shifts

Truck drivers are frequently co-victims in load shift accident cases, as they are often unaware that the cargo was improperly secured and loaded by the shipper. The shipping company is liable for the results of their negligence when they provides the truck driver with a sealed load that is unbalanced. This can occur due to center stacking, improper balancing, or even failure by the shipping company to secure the load in the first place.

Our firm has experience representing truck drivers who suffer an injury or whose rigs roll over due to shipper negligence. The Truck Wreck Justice lawyers at Truck Wreck Justice are familiar with common methods used in the trucking industry to secure a load, including:

  • Bracing
  • Blocking
  • Strapping
  • Chains
  • Packaging
  • Void-fillers
  • Dunnage bags

We can use our familiarity with shipping methods and our knowledge of load shift situations to investigate the factors that led to an accident and show how shipper negligence played a role if this is the case. We understand that trucker injuries due to load shifts can lead to lost wages, medical costs, personal health complications, damage to personal property, and more – which is why we will pursue those responsible aggressively to protect your rights and recover the compensation that you deserve.

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