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Truckers suffer a range of serious injuries

Although big rig drivers rarely suffer injuries in accidents with passenger vehicles, a crash involving another large truck can be an entirely different story. Truckers whose vehicles collide with another large truck can suffer a range of serious injuries including:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Paralysis
  • Paraplegia
  • Quadriplegia
  • Burns

We Hold Negligent Trucking Companies Accountable

As personal injury lawyers with a primary focus on large truck and bus crashes, the Truck Wreck Justice attorneys have an in-depth working knowledge of trucking industry practices and safety regulations, and we have the resources and expert contacts to stand up to trucking company legal teams and insurance representatives. When a negligent trucking company or its insurer tries to avoid liability by distorting the facts or covering up evidence, we will use our years of experience in these cases to conduct a thorough investigation that brings to light all the details of an accident and reveal any negligent behavior that caused it.

Besides representing truckers who are injured in big rig or tractor-trailer crashes, we also have experience advocating for drivers who are hurt as a result of dangerous load shifts that happen when shippers improperly secure a load. We can use our knowledge of load shift situations and our familiarity with shipping procedures and regulations to investigate all the factors that led to an accident and show how shipper negligence played a role if this is the case.

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