What Washington Drivers Need to Know About Electric Trucks

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Electric vehicles are increasing in popularity and demand, and electric trucks are right around the corner. But even though these new vehicles may have some advantages, they come with risks too.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at electric trucks and try to break down what we can expect from these vehicles on our roads.

What Are the Differences Between Electric Trucks and Diesel Trucks?

In recent years, many advocates and experts have pushed for car and truck manufacturers to refine electric vehicles and roll them out more aggressively. Electric vehicles offer some potential advantages, the most important of which is that they reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

So far, electric trucks have come with significant downsides for trucking companies. Electric big rigs have less carrying capacity and have a smaller range they can drive compared to traditional diesel-engine trucks. But as technology develops, the gap between electric trucks and traditional vehicles will continue to narrow.

Not only that, but electric trucks already outperform traditional trucks in certain areas. For example, electric trucks are much more efficient on city streets, where frequent stops and starts are required.

The biggest challenges with integrating electric trucks are the additional infrastructure and driver training needed to keep them running safely on our roads. Electric trucks require a network of charging stations as well as driver education related to repair and maintenance. Plus, drivers need to know the ins and outs of operating an electric truck, which will require additional training — and we already know from experience that many trucking companies fail to ensure that their drivers receive proper training.

New Technology Can Introduce New Risks

A few prominent companies, including Tesla, have released electric truck models in recent years. These trucks are not yet commonplace on our roads, but many experts predict that one out of every three trucks will have some electric capacity within the next 10–15 years.

As the new electric truck industry develops, we expect that trucking companies will likely try to cut corners on safety and maintenance, just like they do with traditional trucks. Often, it’s cheaper in the short-term to skip on extensive repairs or replacement parts. While this practice increases companies’ profits in the short term, it also causes millions of dollars in damages and injuries each year.

We also see an alarming number of under-trained drivers and operators in the current trucking industry, which is one reason why deadly truck crashes have become more common in recent years. In general, the lack of dedication to training and frequent violation of federal regulations that we see among trucking companies make it difficult to support them in their efforts to roll out new technology. In short, the most likely scenario with electric trucks is: new vehicles, same old unsafe practices.

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